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2022 Radical SR3 XX

2022 Radical SR3 XX

Introducing the 2022 Radical SR3 XX, a used but well-maintained model from Radical Motorsport. This sleek race car is powered by a powerful 1340cc RPE engine, ensuring top-notch performance on the track. With 24.2 hours of use, It has undergone recent service to ensure peak performance, making it ready for its next race event. It features triple adjustible suspension, safety halo, fuel cell and SmartyCam. With its eye-catching design and exceptional handling, the Radical SR3 XX is the perfect choice for any racing enthusiast. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this Radical.

  • Tech Specs

    2022 SR3 XX

    1340 RPE Engine

    Left Hand Drive

    Safety Halo

    Triple Adjustible Suspension


    Fuel Cell

    24.2 hours since new

    Chassis 1,407

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